Tips for Moving

Moving home often brings a number of doubts and stress. To facilitate this process, here are some tips to help make this moment easier:
CheckList with what you have to do before and after your move.
Leave behind the objects you no longer need, offering to charity or another destination.

Put as many objects you can in boxes for easy transport and packaging. Cardboard boxes are ideal for this purpose. TIRP has this option on their services. Or ask at supermarkets, or similar, for some.
A-B-C System. If you need to set priorities, mark your boxes with priorities. "A" for the most priority items, "B" average, "C" for the rest. This ensures that you have the necessary order. If transport is done at once you do not need this system.
“KIT-Survival”, for in the 1st night to have at hand your 1st need items, helping in your comfort.
Get someone to help take care of your children. The number of questions, by the moving team, and things to do is always very intense.
Pets. Ensure that at the arrival of the moving they have a contained place, and for the 1st night have some toys.
Make the 1st night special with take-away you like, with music, flowers, something that makes the new atmosphere pleasant and helps to relax from the busy day.
Build a plan to unpack the boxes and to indicate the moving team where to place the heaviest objects.
Toolbox, in the new house, to help cut any tape, box. A hammer and a screwdriver are the most common use.
Functional before beautiful. Start first by unwrapping the important tools for day-to-day and then the rest.
Prepare the bed to sleep as soon as possible. Later you will feel grateful when you want to rest and everything is ready.